The following safety instructions contain important information concerning the security, use and maintenance of all TERRACLEAN® equipment. It is strongly recommended that anyone owning or operating TERRACLEAN® equipment should carefully read the following safety tips before use.


TERRACLEAN® equipment is designed for use with TERRACLEAN® fluid only. Competing engine flush systems use chemical products that will damage seals, filters, and hoses in your TERRACLEAN® Molecular Fuel Injector. Use of ANY OTHER PRODUCTS in the TERRACLEAN® machine: (a) may result in serious bodily harm, and (b) will void warranty immediately.

The TERRACLEAN® Molecular Fuel Injector is non-serviceable and must be returned to the manufacturer for any service due to the high voltage inside.


  • Wear safety glasses while working on the fuel supply circuit.
  • Consult a specialized manual or the vehicle’s maintenance manual for the testing procedures, as recommended by the manufacturer’s specifications. (e.g.: fuel pressure)
  • Properly clean the fuel supply circuit connections before loosening them.
  • Roll a rag around the connections while hooking up and unhooking the hoses to avoid fuel accumulation.
  • Be sure work area is well ventilated when working with the fuel line.
  • The fuel lines are very fragile. During disconnection, handle with care and use the proper tools.
  • On more recent vehicles, auto-blocking connections are used to facilitate the connection of fuel hoses. It is very important to make sure that all the hoses are well connected.
  • The TERRACLEAN® treatment is a complement to the vehicle’s regular tune-up. It is therefore important that the condition of the tune-up be satisfactory (e.g.: broken or loose fuel line, ignition wires, battery cables, electrical wires and fuses must be in good order).
  • After performing the TERRACLEAN® treatment and/or the diagnostic of the fuel line circuit, carefully wipe all excess liquid from the equipment or returning from the fuel line.
  • Have access to a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.
  • Keep TERRACLEAN® consumable fluids in a safe place at room temperature.


  • Never smoke while working on the fuel line or with TERRACLEAN®.
  • Never work on the fuel line or with TERRACLEAN® near an open flame or sparks, including: furnace, hot water reservoir, damaged spark plug wires, etc.
  • Never allow fuel or TERRACLEAN® fluid to spill on hot engine parts. If a leak occurs, stop any electrical contact and clean immediately.